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Month: July, 2012

Golly Gosh has moved location

Golly Gosh Cafe has moved to gollygoshcafe.com.

Please join us in our new home for tea, cakes and stories.


“Lermontov: Why do you want to dance?
Vicky: Why do you want to live?

Lermontov: Well, I don’t know exactly why, but… I must.

Vicky: That’s my answer too.”

The girl with the sensible shoes was the first to arrive; an agent on a secret and important mission.  The only thing missing was a disguise.  The thought ran through her head and made her chuckle.  Hope nobody heard.  She sought out Alice who called her through to the back of the teashop. Privileged indeed for this was a special place where the most delightful cakes and scones and pastries and tastiest bite sized sandwiches crafted from beautifully baked homemade bread came into being. Part of the beauty of this place lay in the wonderful results of that kitchen.

Alice it’s gorgeous! Just what we wanted. You’ve done a fantastic job, as always.

What about the birthday girl then, think she’ll like it?

A cake in the shape of red ballet shoes?  Her favourite thing … after high heels, champagne and Noah of course! 

The sparkle is on ice.  Waiting. 

I’m sure she thinks we’ve forgotten. 

The birthday girl, a shopping girl and a dancer, had put her favourite red ballet shoes aside ten years ago at the very beginning of what the ‘experts’ said would be a wonderful career.  But then life and injury interrupted the flow.  Choices.  It wasn’t merely a diversion it was a new path.  She thought dancing was her life.  It wasn’t.

But, still, she loved the shoes.

big blue skye

But that big blue sky
Shows me all that I have got

And you’re by my side

To be everything I’m not

The angels sigh

I breathe deep the breath of God

~ Bebo Norman

In the morning all the signs of last night’s gale were there.  The power of the wind unquestionable in the devastation and debris it had left behind.  But that same wind had failed to remove the humid, damp and depressive stillness that stubbornly clung on longer than it should, successfully crowding out any brightness.

A metaphor, perhaps.

The lady with the silver hair grabbed a rainjacket as she left home just in case there’s another downpour! It wasn’t her usual Golly Gosh day but today wasn’t the usual kind of a day.  Certainly it was grey and dark enough and she wondered if the heaviness of the air would ever clear.  The gloom was trying its hardest to claim her hopefulness and fortitude but she laughed in its face; formidable and strong.  Not today.  Especially not today.  Why did it still persist after all these years?

She arrived at Golly Gosh in time to meet her oldest friend in the world.

Big deep breath.  God’s presence.

Looking up she spotted some blue sky.  She needed it.